Carols in the Park is presented by The Mount Barker Ministers Fellowship.

All enquiries should be directed to the Event Organiser, Karen Redman via

Cancellation Policy

The organisers will do everything in their power to ensure that the event takes place as advertised having regard to the following :

Catastrophic Fire Danger – The Event Organisers will be in contact with the CFS on the day before the event. If the CFS deem the event day to be ‘Catastrophic’, Carols in the Park will be cancelled.

Total Fire Ban – The fireworks provider, the CFS, Council and Event Organisers will liaise on the day and a decision regarding the cancellation of the fireworks will be made following advice from relevant parties.

Inclement Weather – The Event Organisers reserve the right to cancel the event if inclement weather* poses a significant risk to participants, staff and audience members.

*’Inclement Weather’ is a generic term used to describe weather conditions that are either unsafe or undesirable for outdoor events.


If ‘Carols in the Park’ is cancelled due to circumstances beyond the control of the Event Organisers, there will be no refund of vendor site fees.

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Community Event of the Year 2017

Mount Barker Carols in the Park 2018
Saturday December 1st, Keith Stephenson Park, from 5.00pm